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Who are we looking for?

The best people for us are those are able to inspire customers and partners over the long term—we value this above short-term success at any price. This means that platitudes like “hire & fire” or “up or out” have no place here. Rather, we take actions to motivate everyone over the long term, from new recruits to the highest levels on our career ladder. We value performance. Enthusiasm is supported here—and always rewarded.

We are looking for colleagues with a thirst for knowledge, capacity for enthusiasm, and team orientation, who enjoy independent and varied work. Sound interesting? You will fit in well here if you
  • Actively engage with problems, and convincing solutions mean more to you than influence and consultant prestige
  • Have the self-confidence to be just as open about your abilities as you are about your limits,
  • Place the same high expectations on yourself as on others and recognize the qualities of others.

Do you like to work together with other highly qualified technical experts? And are you looking for a long-term opportunity under these conditions with an internationally active company?

We look forward to your application. 

How do we work?

A wide variety of projects with pleasant colleagues—that is what makes life at work interesting. There is no “typical project”: from short-term projects with a few team members, to projects lasting several years in a large team, anything is possible. New and exciting customer challenges always await you. A high level of qualification and strong interdisciplinary cooperation, independent responsibility, extensive opportunities for growth and development—this is what sets AWS apart.

Fairness, feedback, and team spirit - as a fast-growing company, we base our work on results and not hierarchies. At AWS, employees never have more than 4 levels of hierarchy. This is the key to our dynamic growth and positive working atmosphere.

An inspirational environment - start your career in inspirational surroundings—at AWS. Work on topics that you find personally interesting, and that are of central importance to our customers, right from the start. Grow into tasks for which you assume responsibility and whose solutions have a real impact. Do all of this in a unique network of competent colleagues.

A great place to work - and for personalities! Just as we consistently keep our focus on our customers, we do the same for our employees. Deep technical expertise is the basis for successful projects here in Technical Consulting. What makes us special, though, is sincere, personal, human contact with each other—both within the AWS team and with our customers and partners.

Who works here?

AWS is a fast and continuously growing company. Each individual can have an impact here, and new solutions for problems are welcome. How else could we have grown to be one of the leading companies in the field, with the top international companies in the world as our customers, from our start just 13 years ago? We entrust our employees with a great deal of independent responsibility starting on day one.


At AWS, your career starts during your education. As an intern, student employee, or as part of a final project, you can get your foot in the door during your education, just by stopping by and knocking.

See list of current open positions (student work)

See list of current open positions (Internships)

Advisement for final projects

You can apply for one of the final projects listed in our job postings, or take the initiative and propose the topic of your choice.

What you can expect from us:

  • Advice from experts
  • High academic standards from employees with advanced degrees
  • Active academic work with diverse universities
  • Theory and practice from a single source
  • Many current technical essays, studies, and standard works available as sources

See list of current open positions (Final projects)

New graduates

You have master the theory—now prove it in practice. Right from the first day on your career path, you will take on challenging tasks and develop customized solutions together with our experts. Have you just completed your education? Find out more and work with us for the success of our customers.

See list of current open positions (New graduates)


AWS is looking for highly qualified employees with a passion for performance and confidence in their decisions. Together we work toward our goals and share our success with customers and colleagues. As a professional employee, take on responsibility for tasks in the areas of cost analysis, face exciting challenges, and become part of an internationally successful team of experts. Experts who want to support our customers in the areas of cost and value analysis are always welcome here.

See list of current open positions here (Young professionals)

What do we offer?

A career with many faces
We don’t have just one career path here. The classic path from project engineer to project manager does exist at AWS, but we also support other paths with individual career goals. For each phase of life we encourage our employees to find and shape their personal path, with flexible working hours, sabbaticals, parental leave, and individualized vacation planning. All employees are free to develop a career at their own pace and with their own goals.

Continuing education programs
The goal of our continuing education program is to support personal strengths and work on weaknesses. The offerings include technical and personal training sessions.

Technical and industry knowledge
In order to provide customers with a competitive advantage, we always need to remain in touch with the pulse of the times, or even better, stay a step ahead: from introduction to the latest tools and methods to the presentation of innovative manufacturing technologies.

Personal Skills
This is about personal image and effectiveness, as well as tips and strategies for presentations and rhetorical skills. In these training sessions, you can learn a lot about yourself and how to adapt to a wide variety of customers and characters and work together with them optimally.

Continuing education outside of the company, such as obtaining academic qualifications, is also supported by AWS.

Family & Career
Family means a lot at AWS. Family members are explicitly invited, and not just to company events. AWS also supports all employees who want to balance their career and family as best as possible, with individualized solutions.