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Industries consulting
The methodology used by AWS Systemtechnik for cost analysis is fundamentally applicable to any industry. It is necessary, however, to understand the nuances of specific industries and products and to incorporate their effects in the analysis.

In the first years after AWS Systemtechnik was founded, our focus was on the automotive industry, defense, and rail technologies, which is how the initials AWS were selected as the company’s name (from the German: Automobil-, Wehr-, Schienentechnik.) In the mean time we have developed very broad knowledge of industries, which we continue to expand with great enthusiasm

Below you will find a list of all of the industries in which AWS Systemtechnik has successfully completed projects. Of course we would be happy to be allowed to expand this list by working with you.

  • Construction industry
  • Chemical and petroleum processing industry
  • Printing, paper, and packaging industry
  • Electrical engineering, fine mechanics, and optics
  • Energy and water production & disposal
  • Automotive manufacturing and suppliers
  • Glass & ceramics
  • Wood and furniture industry
  • IT & Internet
  • Consumer & commercial goods
  • Aerospace
  • Machinery and plant equipment
  • Medical technology
  • Metals industry
  • Food and beverages
  • Telecommunications
  • Textiles, clothing, & leather goods
  • Transportation & logistics