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In order to succeed in the marketplace, it is essential to have precise knowledge of the products of other market participants and their properties. AWS Systemtechnik offers the opportunity to analyze your own and competitors' products as part of a benchmark project. In a thoroughly parallel process, the products are broken down into their individual components, documented, and captured in a structured parts list that closely follows the manufacturing process. A catalog of photos of the components is also prepared.
These steps can already provide initial indicators, such as the number and weight of parts or the material used. After disassembly, the raw materials and the manufacturing technology involved are used to determine the costs for each part and assembly step. Current databases and tools are available for determining relevant parameters (cycle times, machinery used, material and wage data.) Subsequent comparison shows the cost blocks for components and functional groups relative to each other. This allows the cost advantages and disadvantages of each of the different design solution approaches to be determined efficiently.