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Cost-down Workshops
Subdividing production costs into suitable cost blocks creates comprehensive cost transparency. This in turn creates a stable negotiation position. The product is broken down into its individual components, documented, and captured in a structured parts list that closely follows the manufacturing process. A catalog of photos of the components is also prepared.

After disassembly, the raw materials and the manufacturing technology involved are used to determine the costs for each part and assembly step. Various databases and tools are available for determining relevant parameters (cycle times, machinery used, material and wage data.)
Disassembly can take place either at AWS Systemtechnik facilities, or at the customer's site upon request. The cost blocks are set up according to the principles of differentiated overhead cost modeling. A specialized AWS tool is typically used. Alternatively, the cost blocks can be directly incorporated in the customers formulas and tools in a cross-functional workshop. Precise knowledge of the cost blocks means that various scenarios can be developed in order to achieve cost savings (for example, best-cost country, automation level adjustments, and machine utilization.)

Another lever for achieving a cost effect is the value analysis approach. The potential for optimization is developed in close cooperation with the customer, for example by reducing wall thicknesses and saving weight, material substitution, or integrating or separating multiple functions. For each process step, a cost-related before-and-after comparison takes place, which means that every individual aspect can be assigned a price tag. This enables substantially better evaluation of the quality of an idea.